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There’s a movement beginning

It involves a growing group of people around the world, who understand that in order to feel better, look better and perform better, good quality sleep is required. They’re taking charge of their lives and making sleep a priority for advancing their health.

That’s why there’s SleepScore. Our mission is helping the world sleep better and it starts by enabling almost anyone with a smartphone to discover the path to better sleep for FREE.

It starts with your SleepScore

When you get your SleepScore, you’re joining hundreds of thousands of people who have received a SleepScore of their own. They’re part of a self-empowered movement that’s making sleep a cornerstone of long term health – feeling better daily while possibly reducing the risk of obesity, cardiac problems, depression and maybe even cancer.

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Strength in Numbers
To achieve our mission of helping the world sleep better, we’ve made a significant investment in research and technology, applying years of sleep science to change lives. Yes, we’re serious about sleep, so serious, it is the only thing we do.



 and development
behind SleepScore



of objective sleep data
behind SleepScore’s
advice and recommendations




of total sleep time analyzed
for unparalleled
accuracy validation

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